Our Story

  • Who We Are

    We are a married duo of Black therapists who believe in the power of healing. Our vision for a more emotionally safe world has been fuelled by our own holistic healing journeys over the last several years.

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    What We Believe

    To us, healing is not about moving upward, but rather, inward. It is an invitation to make compassionate contact with our hidden pain, to release personal and generational burdens, and to tap into the life-giving resources in and around us.

  • The Brand

    The brave souls who choose the path of healing often encounter a sense of loneliness along the way. So we created a brand that bolsters individual expression of well-being, and invites Healers worldwide to cheer each other on.

Connect with us

If you've got any questions related to our store and products, or simply want to chat about the beauty of healing, feel free to shoot us a message through our Contact page.

Embrace your healing journey